Why this course?

Join Sarah Delicate in an intensive unpacking of your Case Activity Report.

This On Demand course is for directors and managers only.

Your Case Activity Report is a rather complex Excel file. It's daunting, messy and confusing.

But it is also where your actual performance story lives - like how many people on OW actually get jobs, how many persons with disability get placements, what quality of training/education results we have... or how many people with complex needs get left behind.

This very intensive on demand course will show you what questions to ask and where to look in your Case Activity Report to find the answers so you can be as ready as possible to face the new challenges of the SSMs.

Please have your most current and up-to-date Case Activity Report available to view during the webinar recording.

As this report cannot easily be printed, it will have to be open in a separate window throughout.

Here's what's inside...

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    • Resource: Employment Ontario Information System (EOIS) Case Management System Service Provider User Guide: Case Activity Report — Data Manipulation Tips

    • Sample Template — Complex Needs Review

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Unpack Your Case Activity Report

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As a founding partner of Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD), a consulting firm based in Ottawa Canada, Sarah Delicate works as a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Sarah has worked with 1000s of people across 100s of organizations, helping programs thrive in tough, outcome-based competitive environments. Whether you are Government or a nonprofit, Sarah’s high energy delivery style will convince you that this outcome-based stuff is not just doable, but critical.

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