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Sustain your mental health.

In this recording Richard Hamilton will share with you some challenges and strategies in sustaining your mental health, both in service provision, and in your home life. 

He will also briefly cover strategies to address some challenges at work and home life.

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Kathleen Gadoury

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“Richard has a very soothing voice and the recording had a very calming affect that allowed me to pause and take a breath. ”

“Richard has a very soothing voice and the recording had a very calming affect that allowed me to pause and take a breath. ”

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    • Strategies To Sustain Your Mental Health {59 minutes}

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Learn strategies to sustain your mental health

Meet Richard

Richard Hamilton, MSW, RSW.  Richard is a registered social worker with over 25 years of experience as a private practitioner and as a psychotherapist for the Dept. of National Defence.  As a nationally recognized expert in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, he has trained psychotherapists as well as professionals from numerous other disciplines including doctors, dietitians, dentists and physiotherapists in strengthening client motivation and assisting clients to overcome mental health issues and personal life problems. Working with a large population of military personnel who are transitioning to civilian employment, Richard developed a specialized interest in helping clients manage vocational change. Richard has worked with numerous employment agencies and has conducted workshops and webinars for thousands of career practitioners across Canada.

Richard Hamilton

Senior Instructor