How accurate are your case notes?

Write effective case notes.

If writing case notes and providing documentation is an integral part of your job, then this course is for you!

Poor case notes can lead to poor decision making that could negatively impact your client, your agency, your funding...or even your job!

The Professional Case Note Writing and Documentation course is perfect for anyone whose role requires them to provide clear and concise records in order to produce the documentation necessary to support their clients or staff.

This course will help provide the essential skills required to capture your client's observations, goals, facts, and needs and to document them in a detailed and logical manner.

Here's what they're saying...

“Really liked the presentation - clear and concise. Also enjoyed hearing real life examples and situations from the group.”

“A different way of asking questions and engaging clients using a new assessment model.”

“Best practices for writing notes in a professional, unbiased and legal manner.”

“...for the most part our organization is doing a good job of note taking. Keeping notes clear, professional and not getting into too much detail were good reminders for sure. Keeping notes relevant to the client's situation was a good reminder.”

“How to ensure respectful notes when dealing with sensitive content.”

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    1. Professional Case Notes Writing & Documentation Module 3 {1:32:42}

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Learn case note writing and documentation best practices.

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Jayne is an award-winning, Certified Career Development Professional, and a Certified Professional in Human Resource with extensive experience in the career development sector as a coach, trainer, mentor, and trusted advisor.

Jayne has trained 1000s of career practitioners in Case Management, Job Development, Career Development Theories, and Ethics in Career Development. Jayne is also an independent Career Transition Consultant providing outplacement services to organizations of all sizes.

Jayne Barron

Senior Instructor