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“You can never go wrong with a Sarah Delicate course. Her material is so thought out and ties into our work environment perfectly. She not only does the research but understands how you feel and is able to deliver that message in an easily understandable format.”

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RI Decisions = Program Success

Your agency’s Resource Center, or “Resources and Information” service (RI), is both the “face” and the “gateway” to your funded program. It is arguably one of your most critical service components, as the decisions made in the RI often determine the success of your whole program.

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    1. Print Before Beginning: Part One Questionnaire

    2. Resource: Essential Meeting Facilitation Toolkit

    3. Resource: Collective Action Toolkit

    4. Part One Slide Deck

    5. Part One Don't Underestimate the Resource and Information Center (DURI) {65 minutes}

    1. Print Before Beginning: Part Two Questionnaire

    2. Resource: AIRS Standards for Professional Information & Referral and Quality Indicators

    3. Part Two Slide Deck

    4. Part Two Don't Underestimate the Resource and Information Center (DURI) {62 Minutes}

    1. Print Before Beginning: Part Three Questionnaire

    2. Print Before Beginning: Important Service Attributes

    3. Part Three Slide Deck

    4. Part Three Don't Underestimate the Resource and Information Center (DURI) {61 minutes}

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As a founding partner of Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD), a consulting firm based in Ottawa Canada, Sarah Delicate works as a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Sarah has worked with 1000s of people across 100s of organizations, helping programs thrive in tough, outcome-based competitive environments. Whether you are Government or a nonprofit, Sarah’s high energy delivery style will convince you that this outcome-based stuff is not just doable, but critical.

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