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“Sarah's engaging style and relevant material makes me wonder if she sits as a spy at our workplace! She knows our world and it's challenges! Thank you Sarah for another webinar that hits the nail on the head. I am taking away from this a wealth of ideas for doing things differently to get better results from a happier team!”

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It is a common refrain – “all of this fuss about reaching numbers is draining my staff, killing morale, causing frustration, driving up sick leave and making management bonkers!” 

Yet, there are other organizations who are thriving. What gives?

You know - those organizations that are working towards similar outcome targets within similar budgets and similar labour markets, that seem to have staff members that are thriving – they are energized, taking responsibility, and innovating. What's up with that?

Since ignoring your outcome targets is not a viable option, how might you help your staff feel great about their jobs and their outcome-based responsibilities? This 1.5 hour eCourse will explore what goes into employee engagement – and since emotionally engaged employees typically outperform their less engaged counterparts by up to 28% (and are 87% less likely to quit), we think you should join us.

What you will learn:

• Understanding how to influence engagement

• The opposite of Happiness is…

• Accountability and “Accountabalism”

• Employee Engagement – what is it?

• Carrots and Sticks – how to get the most out of your staff

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Keep your staff engaged while reaching for targets

Meet Sarah

As a founding partner of Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD), a consulting firm based in Ottawa Canada, Sarah Delicate works as a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. Sarah has worked with 1000s of people across 100s of organizations, helping programs thrive in tough, outcome-based competitive environments. Whether you are Government or a nonprofit, Sarah’s high energy delivery style will convince you that this outcome-based stuff is not just doable, but critical.

Sarah Delicate