Conditions of Sale


Last date to order is March 31, 2023. Individual purchases: use discount code springfor50. Group purchases: send email to with the course name and number of seats. All prices displayed will be reduced by 50% at time of payment. There is no limit to the number of participants and/or courses being purchased during this promotion. For individual purchases: the countdown to the expiry date begins as soon as your course is available on your dashboard. For group purchases: there are no further discounts available. Your coupon code(s) must be redeemed no later than September 30, 2023. Coupon codes do not need to be redeemed at the same time; they can be used on an 'as required' basis up until September 30, 2023. There is no refund for unused coupons or unfinished courses. There is no extension to course expiry dates. This promotion is applicable for new purchases only and is not retroactive to any previously purchased courses or programs.
Spring Sale